F-Type = My Type

I have mentioned my love of the Jaguar F-Type in the past, based on a driving experience I had in Houston in 2013 and on my generally excellent taste. 🙂 It is my (not yet) attainable dream car, for sure, and I love using Jaguar’s most excellent online configurator to build various iterations, particularly the beautiful, beautiful coupe.

So I was initially covetous, then delighted (and still a little covetous) when a good friend got a beautiful 2016 F-Type coupe yesterday. I have driven the F-Type convertible (which was a total blast), but always preferred the coupe, which is more sporting and more beautiful. Yesterday, I got to take my first ride in the coupe, and it was everything I imagined: sporty, sexy, comfy, every good adjective you can think of.

Our interaction was brief, and the weather was bad, but here are a few shots of this sexy beast. Looking forward to a full photo shoot soon!