Glass Ceiling: Smashed

As with everything other than work, I am behind in reading Automotive News, my weekly source of all things automotive. I just started on the November 9, 2015 edition, which includes a 128-page special section entitled 100 Leading Women in the North American Auto Industry (shout-out to my friend Lisa Copeland for being included on this prestigious list!). It’s a great piece of journalism, and I am looking forward to having the weekend to read the whole thing. But this one excerpt caught my eye today:

“It’s well known that the CEO of General Motors is a woman. But few likely realize that Mary Barra is one of five women on GM’s 12-member board of directors, an equally rare distinction in an industry whose top ranks have always been dominated by men.”

Well, the distinction that is Mary Barra just got rarer, as the GM Board of Directors today appointed Barra as chairman of the board. The message is clear – almost exactly two years after she took the reins at GM, Barra is the unquestioned leader – on all fronts – of one of the largest global companies in the world. Also, she’s just…cool.


Even though I’m mostly just a hobbyist in the auto industry, it is nothing short of inspiring to see smart, competent women obtaining, and succeeding in, key leadership roles. It actually makes me wish I had considered staying in the industry after college, as these seem to be great days for women and cars. I’m looking forward to seeing Automotive News‘ 100 Leading Women special get thicker and thicker.

Image source: Fortune