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July 16

Why I Go to Detroit in January

Detroit in January.  The answer to a question no one asked.  The punchline to a joke no one told. Why would anyone pick Detroit as their vacation destination?  In January? Three words: Detroit. Auto. Show. (Four words if you want to throw in a “The.”) A car enthusiast is not a true car enthusiast until […]

July 10

Encounter with Godzilla

I have met Godzilla and lived to tell the tale. “Godzilla” is the fond nickname bestowed on the Nissan GT-R by the automotive press.  I’m guessing it has something to do with the fact that this hunk of sheetmetal is a Japanese monster. Long a desirable supercar in Japan and famous on these shores for […]

July 03

Motorista Meets the F-150

I admit it – trucks have never been my thing.  I appreciate their utility and, having grown up in small-town Texas surrounded by ranch land and dairy farms, I understand how essential they are to many people.  But I have never seen them as anything more than an appliance.  My dad owns a 2003 Ford […]

July 01

Now Appearing on the Motorweb…

Greetings, dear readers!  Sorry for the absence – I am currently on vacation.  However, I thought you would like to know about my most recent appearance on the Motorweb: here and here.  I was very fortunate to be selected to join the Jean Knows Cars Group of Seven, a consumer panel of seven women chosen […]