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February 01

Teach ’em Young, Teach ’em Right

Hi, race fans! I’ve missed you! There’s plenty to talk about – both cars and life – but I just had to share a delightful development in the care and feeding of my young protege, Auto Buddy. You may remember Auto Buddy from his W Hotel rappeling observations and his impudent ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. […]

August 22

My Rogue Protege

Ah, Auto Buddy – up to no good. My littlest reader challenged me to participate in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. What could I do but accept?? This young man’s already out of my hands… And there’s a little teaseĀ of the Red MINI, for those of you who have not met her yet. What say […]

June 20

In Praise of the Manual

Sometimes the “easy” way is the best way. Sometimes the “harder” way provides a richer, more rewarding experience. Such is the manual transmission. I did not learn to drive on a manual. Frankly, I was scared enough with the automatic. Worrying about shifting and using two feet for three pedals might have sent me over […]

June 16

Motorista’s Auto Buddy

Introducing Motorista’s youngest readerĀ (a little man off to a good start in life, may I say), a kissable lil chunk named Otto Budde, who came all the way from Houston to be kissed post-rappel. Otto is not often impressed. Nevertheless, he has earned the official title of Motorista’s Auto Buddy. Because every well-rounded child of […]