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April 08

Smart Car Tipping

Okay guys – I do not condone damaging other people’s property. In fact, I don’t even condone TOUCHING someone else’s car unless you have permission. So I’m not really laughing about this. Except… Did you hear about that recent bout of vandalism in San Francisco in the early Monday morning hours, where person or persons […]

December 03

In re City of Detroit, Michigan – Part II

Today marked a significant event in the ongoing Detroit saga (which I previously wrote about here), with a federal bankruptcy judge ruling that the city was, in fact, eligible to file bankruptcy. That may sound like a well, duh conclusion, but it was not at all guaranteed, nor is it insignificant. ┬áSome of Detroit’s creditors, […]

July 20

In re City of Detroit, Michigan – Part I

Detroit, one of my very favorite cities, has been on the news a lot in the last few days, and not for anything good. Nope – after more than a few generations of decline, the city has succumbed to its debts and filed for relief in the bankruptcy courts. What does it all mean? First […]