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January 11

Wheels Up

Remember when I mentioned that I would be attending the Detroit Auto Show this year? That was about a month ago, and I was pretty stoked then. Fast forward to today, two days before the show opens to the press, and I’m about to come undone with anticipation. Detroit in January is the best place […]

December 29

2013: a Look Back

I never thought the birth year of a blog would be a big deal, but here I am, looking back on 2013 through the eyes of this blog, and thinking about all that has happened since I published my first post on May 25. I have been to car-related events in Michigan, California and Texas, […]

December 13

Detroit Bound

Brace yourselves, race fans. We’re going to the Detroit Auto Show. And not only are we going to the show. We are going to the press preview – the first two days of the first week of the show (the public can’t get in till the weekend). We’re going to see everything as it happens. […]

December 03

In re City of Detroit, Michigan – Part II

Today marked a significant event in the ongoing Detroit saga (which I previously wrote about here), with a federal bankruptcy judge ruling that the city was, in fact, eligible to file bankruptcy. That may sound like a well, duh conclusion, but it was not at all guaranteed, nor is it insignificant.  Some of Detroit’s creditors, […]

September 03

The State of the Union – an Auto Bubble?

Detroit may still be broke, but what about the car industry as a whole?  As it turns out, following the doomsdays of 2008, car manufacturers are doing better than ever. Sales are soaring, customer satisfaction is up. In fact, General Motors overtook Toyota for the first time in J.D. Power’s Initial Quality Study for 2013 […]

July 20

In re City of Detroit, Michigan – Part I

Detroit, one of my very favorite cities, has been on the news a lot in the last few days, and not for anything good. Nope – after more than a few generations of decline, the city has succumbed to its debts and filed for relief in the bankruptcy courts. What does it all mean? First […]

July 16

Why I Go to Detroit in January

Detroit in January.  The answer to a question no one asked.  The punchline to a joke no one told. Why would anyone pick Detroit as their vacation destination?  In January? Three words: Detroit. Auto. Show. (Four words if you want to throw in a “The.”) A car enthusiast is not a true car enthusiast until […]