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January 01

More Cowbell

Like cowbell, you always need more car photos. Luckily, I have a ton. Believe it or not, the photos you see on the blog are a mere fraction of the total volume of photos I take. Considering I take 200-300 photos at a race and upwards of 700 at a major auto show, I thought […]

August 14

Yours Truly Around the Motorweb

The Poet, being a very considerate feline, thought you might appreciate a little round-up of the various places you can connect with MOTORista on the Motorweb. Until we advance to the next stage of MOTORista-dom, a professionally-designed website, with links and widgets at your very fingertips, a humble blog post summary will have to do. […]

July 18

Turning Facebook into the Motorweb

MOTORista has conquered Facebook. With links to new blog posts, a handy-dandy Instagram feed, and the occasional disapproving pop-in from Felix the Evil Cat, it’s a lovely new stop on the Motorweb highway. ┬áBe sure to stop by and “Like” the Official MOTORista Facebook page!