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August 31

The Fashionable IndyCar Watch Party – Sayonara 2014

Paraphrasing – greater love hath no woman than she who invites a friend over to watch IndyCar on a Saturday evening. I speak of Thea Wood, my good friend and style guru, who answered my Facebook plea for a watch party venue for the IndyCar race last night. Normally, I go to a neighborhood watering […]

December 28

A Very Safe Bag

Despite my best efforts, it turns out my gift guide was incomplete. Had I but known, I would have included Harveys seatbelt bags on the list. It’s okay, though, because I got one for Christmas! How cool is that?! A bag made out of recycled automobile seatbelts! A perfect fashion accessory for Motorista – and about […]

December 23

New Kicks

The office Christmas party was held at Nordstrom this year. Fabulous shopping ensued. Meet my new driving shoes. Well…they may not exactly be driving shoes, but they’re comfy as hell. And sequined. And TWO-TONED. Look at the magic! That is the same shoe. I just ruffled its sequined fur. Oh, snap. Leopard stripe! Hang on…let […]