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December 07

“I’m not a driver, I’m a racer”

If you are at all interested in racing, take a few minutes to watch this video. It will give you chills!

November 23

End of an Era

The ┬áBrazilian Grand Prix, the final race of the F1 season, takes place tomorrow. With the end of the season comes the end of an era. Two eras, actually. Mark Webber, of Red Bull Racing, is retiring from F1 after twelve seasons. A native Australian, Webber deserves a lot of credit for his accomplished F1 […]

November 22

F1 Sunday – the Rest of the Story…

Where was I before real life interfered? Oh yes – the USGP. In my grandstand seat on Sunday, sipping a COTA Flame, waiting for the races to begin. As I write this, the temperature hovers around freezing and the rain is pooling in my backyard. Last Sunday it was 86 degrees without much of a […]

November 17

F1: Sunday, Part 1

Vettel wins! Surprise, surprise. Still, it was exciting. The battle for 2nd between Romain Grosjean of Lotus and Mark Webber of Red Bull was epic. RoGro held Webber off and took P2. Given that Lotus is one of my favorite teams, I was quite pleased! And exhausted. Go, RoGro, go! Too busy with work to […]

November 16

F1: Saturday

Short day at the track today, as, believe it or not, Motorista does have real-life responsibilities (such as work), that occasionally require a shift in priorities. Nonetheless, I got to see F1 qualifying and the first Ferrari Challenge race, so it was quite a successful time. The big news is that Sebastian Vettel and Mark […]

November 15

F1: Friday

Those blasted Formula cars are fast. I really had to work to get some good photos to show you guys. It’s funny how you can tell the difference between classes of cars based on the ease with which you can capture them with your camera. After the first F1 practice, the Ferrari Challenge cars held […]

November 14

F1: Pit Walk

On a clear day, you can see COTA from miles away. This afternoon, I watched the tower get closer and closer in my windshield, giddily anticipating the weekend ahead. And, in racing, the weekend apparently begins on Thursday. As a perk of having married my seat for 14 years, I got passes to Thursday’s pit […]