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August 07

Where You Can Stick that Heel-Toe

I have met my Waterloo. On the advice of my driving instructors, I have been practicing heel-toe downshifting every time I drive: at stop signs, traffic lights, turns. Hell, I’ll even brake in the middle of the street to downshift. Heel-toe first rattled my consciousness on Saturday. It is now Wednesday. My rattled-ness is not […]

August 04

It’s a Sickness, and I Have It

Yesterday, I confirmed what I was afraid of: I really like motorsports. As in, I don’t just like it conceptually, I don’t just like being an observer. I like being a participant. I want in. Rats. Rats, because racing is very time-consuming and probably one of the most expensive hobbies you can have. ¬†And time […]