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September 07

Latest Object of Lust

It’s a work weekend, but allow me to take ten seconds and share the most recent object of my desire. Ladies and gentlemen, a 2011 Lotus Elise SC (“SC” means supercharged). Now available at Lotus of Austin. Sigh. This beaut is practically attainable for me, i.e. it’s only out of reach by a factor of […]

February 14

Be Mine

My Valentines are of the four-wheeled variety. I win. Here are a few of my recent loves. And my current steady, the Red MINI.          

October 14

Lotus and Me: a Love Story

I am in love, and she is British. Wait. That didn’t come out quite right. In these instances, it is unfortunate that cars are referred to in the feminine… You may recall last month’s visitor to my driveway – a beautiful red Lotus Evora. (In case you forgot, I wrote about it here, here, here […]

September 07

Ladies in Red


September 04

Britannia! in My Driveway

Kinda digging my driveway this week. I don’t even have anything intelligent to say about this. It just makes me giggle with delight.   The dogs are a little confused. They aren’t sure why I keep backing one red thing out and pulling a different red thing in.   I tell them not everything in […]

September 01

Holiday Weekend with the Lotus

As if a Maserati weekend wasn’t enough, now I am having a Lotus weekend. Specifically, a Lotus Evora weekend. ¬†How did this happen? A very generous friend of mine owns a Lotus Evora, something I didn’t even know until this past week! See what happens when you start sharing your passions with others? Anyway, he […]

August 29

There’s a Lotus Among Us!

Cool things keep happening! I was minding my own business yesterday when the opportunity to drive a Lotus Evora just fell into my lap. As a big Lotus fan, I was rather pleased. As if that wasn’t enough, turns out I now have the opportunity to spend some extended time with this Evora. I’m curious […]