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July 29

Racing School in the Offing

Congrats to Lewis Hamilton on his win at the Hungaroring yesterday. He better savor this victory, because I start racing school on Saturday. I will take no prisoners. (Or…I will gain even greater respect for the skills racing requires and walk away quietly and humbly.) The course on Saturday is called Foundations of Road Racing, […]

June 23

Prius Rant No. 1

My opinions on the Toyota Prius approach the level of Greek tragedy.  I believe that, with the Prius (wonderfully pronounced “PRY-us” by those trusty ranters over on Top Gear), Toyota is seeking to leach all beauty, excitement, spontaneity, speed, performance, imagination and joy out of the automobile, using the word “green” as cover.  In short, […]

May 29

Just who is Motorista?

Who am I, and why should you care? By day, I am a trial lawyer (hence the high heels) representing people in business disputes.  By evening and weekend, I am a car enthusiast, wanna-be racer, and motorsports attendee.  I live in the Austin, Texas area amidst a recurring cast of characters (some human, some furry), […]