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July 26

Comeback Kid

So peeps, here’s the deal. This posting once or twice a month gig is not working for me. I miss you guys, plus there are too many rants to be ranted, opinions to be opined, and photographs to be taken to do this on a monthly basis. So…I’m making a comeback! Starting now I’m going to […]

June 25

Still Here!

Hello, world! Yes, Motorista is still truckin’ along; June has just turned out to be a really busy month. Between vacation, skyscraper rappelling, obtaining a mascot, and working, there hasn’t been a lot of time for le blogge.  My bad. Lots of good things coming up, though – Dad and I are off to Houston […]

April 18

Formula 1: Red, White and Blue?

Heard the news? FIA, the governing body of Formula 1, accepted Gene Haas’ application to enter F1. In real-person-speak: a NASCAR team owner just got the go-ahead to form an American Formula 1 team. Yeehaw, y’all! We’re goin’ Formula 1! ‘Merica! There have been American F1 teams in the past, but not since the mid-eighties. […]

April 08

Smart Car Tipping

Okay guys – I do not condone damaging other people’s property. In fact, I don’t even condone TOUCHING someone else’s car unless you have permission. So I’m not really laughing about this. Except… Did you hear about that recent bout of vandalism in San Francisco in the early Monday morning hours, where person or persons […]

February 07

It’s Constitutional, Officer!

Hand still hurts. Still don’t feel like sorting through 180 Aston Martin photos. In the meantime, this is fab… A federal judge in Missouri has said that warning other motorists about a speed trap by flashing your headlights is probably protected free speech. Hell yes! Read about it here. I always appreciate when people warn […]

January 09

Rock Me Like a Huracan

The Lamborghini Gallardo is dead. This is sad. Actually…no, it’s not. ‘Cause check out its replacement: Meet the Lamborghini Huracan. Here are some numbers that might interest you: 601 hp. 5.2L V-10. 4-wheel drive. Zero to 62 in 3.2 seconds. 325 kph. That’s the top speed. Someone convert that to mph and tell me what […]

January 07

The Future of Autonomous Driving?

The International Consumer Electronics Show is happening in Vegas as we speak, and Audi has made a splash with Piloted Driving, its new autonomous vehicle technology. To demonstrate Piloted Driving, Audi presented an A7 equipped with radars, a laser and a computer to monitor traffic and control steering, braking and acceleration. The technology, which is […]

December 30

Get Well Schumi

The hashtag #GetWellSchumi is all over the Internet these days, especially in racing circles. On Sunday, F1 racing great Michael Schumacher fell while skiing with family and hit his head on a rock. Now, one brain surgery later, he is in a medically induced coma, with a grim prognosis. This would be an awful accident […]

December 10

One Small Step for Woman…

Very excited to hear today that General Motors has appointed Mary Barra as its new CEO, effective early next year. Barra will be the first female CEO of a major car company. I was just complaining to Jean Knows Cars earlier this year about the dearth of women in the C-suite. Who knew GM would […]

December 03

In re City of Detroit, Michigan – Part II

Today marked a significant event in the ongoing Detroit saga (which I previously wrote about here), with a federal bankruptcy judge ruling that the city was, in fact, eligible to file bankruptcy. That may sound like a well, duh conclusion, but it was not at all guaranteed, nor is it insignificant.  Some of Detroit’s creditors, […]

September 03

The State of the Union – an Auto Bubble?

Detroit may still be broke, but what about the car industry as a whole?  As it turns out, following the doomsdays of 2008, car manufacturers are doing better than ever. Sales are soaring, customer satisfaction is up. In fact, General Motors overtook Toyota for the first time in J.D. Power’s Initial Quality Study for 2013 […]

July 20

In re City of Detroit, Michigan – Part I

Detroit, one of my very favorite cities, has been on the news a lot in the last few days, and not for anything good. Nope – after more than a few generations of decline, the city has succumbed to its debts and filed for relief in the bankruptcy courts. What does it all mean? First […]