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December 20

Gift Guide for the Gearhead

This may be a bit late…but if you’re a procrastinator like me, it’s just in time! Allow me to present Motorista’s First Annual Gift Guide for the Gearhead. In case you know any… Branded Swag Does your favorite gearhead love a particular make or model above all others? Your choices are endless for branded hats, […]

October 12


I am not a morning person. I hold very dear the weekend mornings in which I can sleep as late as I want (usually 11-ish; back in the college years, it was mid-afternoon and occasionally evening!). However, some things are worth getting up early for. A BMW track day is one of them. Through the […]

August 07

Where You Can Stick that Heel-Toe

I have met my Waterloo. On the advice of my driving instructors, I have been practicing heel-toe downshifting every time I drive: at stop signs, traffic lights, turns. Hell, I’ll even brake in the middle of the street to downshift. Heel-toe first rattled my consciousness on Saturday. It is now Wednesday. My rattled-ness is not […]

August 04

It’s a Sickness, and I Have It

Yesterday, I confirmed what I was afraid of: I really like motorsports. As in, I don’t just like it conceptually, I don’t just like being an observer. I like being a participant. I want in. Rats. Rats, because racing is very time-consuming and probably one of the most expensive hobbies you can have.  And time […]