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December 23

New Kicks

The office Christmas party was held at Nordstrom this year. Fabulous shopping ensued. Meet my new driving shoes. Well…they may not exactly be driving shoes, but they’re comfy as hell. And sequined. And TWO-TONED. Look at the magic! That is the same shoe. I just ruffled its sequined fur. Oh, snap. Leopard stripe! Hang on…let […]

August 20

These Shoes Were Made for Driving Aston Martins

The MOTORista tagline is “high heels, fast cars,” and while I have provided you with plenty of fast cars lately (you’re welcome), I have been a high heels laggard. Please accept my apologies and feast your eyes upon these lovely Enzo Angiolinis.   While my favorite stilettos, which you have met, were not made for […]

June 25

I’d like my Lambo with heels, please

It’s been a busy, non-motoring-related week in Motorista-dom so far, so bear with me, dear readers, on the lack of new content.  I must share with you though, the most wonderful shoe concept ever: the Lamborghini heel. (Make sure to click on the image for a bigger version.)     Is that not the best […]

June 19

These Shoes Weren’t Made for Driving

They weren’t exactly made for walking, either. These lovely Sam Edelmans are the highest heels I have ever driven in.  Yes, yes I did.  I drove (manual transmission, mind you) with 5-inch toothpicks lodged into the bottom of my heels.  No, I did not injure myself or others.  At least, not while driving.  (I did […]

May 25

And so it begins…

Greetings, dear readers, and welcome to Motorista, where high heels meet fast cars.  What happens when a young female professional can no longer ignore her passion for all things automotive?  You’re looking at it.  Check back soon for opinion, commentary, photos, interviews and more about cars, motorsports and, yes…shoes.  Buckle up!