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September 16

Would You Like a $1,800 Seatbelt With Your $845,000 Porsche?

So I was configuring my Porsche 918 Spyder today when I came across one of those bizarre, inane things that must be shared so that we can all engage in collective head-scratching. As you may know, the base price of the 918 Spyder is $845,000.  That’s the price of – what? – three Lamborghinis? I […]

July 10

Encounter with Godzilla

I have met Godzilla and lived to tell the tale. “Godzilla” is the fond nickname bestowed on the Nissan GT-R by the automotive press.  I’m guessing it has something to do with the fact that this hunk of sheetmetal is a Japanese monster. Long a desirable supercar in Japan and famous on these shores for […]