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August 21


On the way to work today, I ended up behind a Buick that was quite good-looking. A BUICK. More specifically, it was a redĀ Buick Regal and, I have to say, it looks fairly sporty in motion. I was shocked, and I’m not even being snarky about it. Buick’s SUVs are looking pretty good these days, […]

April 06

F1 Bahrain GP – in Twitterverse

Last race, I wished for at least a few lead changes. Hoo boy! Mercedes listened, and served up quite a corker of a race in Bahrain today. Allow me to recount the action via tweet, ’cause wasn’t that fun last time?? It's #BahrainGP time! 6 laps in, and HAM leads from ROS, MAS, PER, BOT. […]

March 16

F1 Australian GP – in Twitterverse

Yes, I stayed up and followed the Formula 1 Australian GP from 12:30 to 3 a.m. (Texas time). No, I couldn’t watch it on TV or use the Formula 1 App (acting dodgy), so I followed the action through the live timing feature on the F1 website (which included good commentary) and on Twitter. Don’t […]

September 08

The Italian Grand Prix, by Hook or by Twitter

Today I sort of unwittingly followed the Italian GP by Twitter. Turns out, Twitter can be a fantastic way to keep up with an event you can’t otherwise watch. Who knew? Well, you probably did, but I didn’t. I say this was unwitting, because the dogs woke me up around 7 a.m. (drat!), and I […]

August 14

Yours Truly Around the Motorweb

The Poet, being a very considerate feline, thought you might appreciate a little round-up of the various places you can connect with MOTORista on the Motorweb. Until we advance to the next stage of MOTORista-dom, a professionally-designed website, with links and widgets at your very fingertips, a humble blog post summary will have to do. […]