Everyone needs a co-pilot.

Yours may be Jesus.  Or your significant other.  Or the wacky college friend who has been sleeping on your couch since graduation.  Five years ago.

My co-pilots are furry.

Meet Thing 1 (not her real name; she is wary of privacy violations), pictured at left with her beloved Cow.  Thing 1 is a five-year-old miniature Australian Labradoodle, and grew up riding in the boot of the blue MINI (see here for the blue MINI backstory).  When I put the back seats down flat, Thing 1 could surf back there with the best of them.  And considering my penchant for fast corners and late braking, this was a life skill.  Thing 1 is less fond of the new red MINI.  It is louder and meaner and the same and different all at once.  Thing 1 disapproves.

Thing 1 loves Cow, the single stuffed toy that has survived Casa Motorista for longer than 5 minutes.  Cow is not a co-pilot.  Cow waits at home to provide comfort and security to a returning Thing 1 after a long day of co-piloting.  Cow is sacred.

Meet Sasquatch (name changed to protect the guilty):


Sasquatch is a one-year-old elephantine Australian Labradoodle with bad balance and no sense.  She and the MINI are similarly sized, but she loves riding in the boot.  She cannot surf.  She falls over while lying down.  Sasquatch has little dignity.  But a whole lot of fun.

The other clowns in this circus can’t really be called co-pilots.  They enter the MINI only by force and under protest.  However, they professed a desire to meet you, dear readers, so here they are.


Meet the Poet (name changed; again, for privacy concerns).  The Poet is sweet, loving, good-natured, quiet, a lover of music and dairy products.  He believes in forgiveness and carpe diem.  He doesn’t stand a chance at Casa Motorista.

Last, but never least, there is Felix.  Felix’s notoriety precedes him to such an extent that pseudonyms are pointless.


Felix is an assassin and a dictator and does not play well with others.  He hates me, you, Thing 1, Sasquatch and the Poet.  He hates the blue MINI, the red MINI and MINIs of all colors in between.  He hates this blog.

Felix will be back.