Porsche Gets Cheeky

In all my excitement over the gender politics and sociological implications of the Porsche 911, I forgot the single best thing about Porsche EVER.

That particular Ruby Red, leather-swathed specimen featured in my post has the most useful, thoughtful, amazing option to ever emerge from Zuffenhausen: cooled seats. COOLED SEATS.

Porsche interior 2

For my fellow Texans, let me say that again: COOLED SEATS. Yes. Take a minute.

An invention like this makes me particularly pleased to be living in the 21st century, where a beautiful, fast-as-hell soul machine is also considerate of my butt. I mean, we as a civilization are really reaching the pinnacle here. Chilled cheeks at triple-digit speeds. I swoon.

Porsche swoon

For a company that begrudges us cupholders, this is extraordinary.

Danke schoen to Hans/Franz/Gunther for installing such a magical device in Cindy’s Porsche. My butt and I are indebted to you. And to Cindy for making such a wise purchase.

Although I’m pretty sure she discovered the cooled seats option for the first time about a week ago.