Still Here!

Hello, world! Yes, Motorista is still truckin’ along; June has just turned out to be a really busy month. Between vacation, skyscraper rappelling, obtaining a mascot, and working, there hasn’t been a lot of time for le blogge.  My bad.

Lots of good things coming up, though – Dad and I are off to Houston this weekend for our second annual father-daughter H-Town Double-Down! Remember the fun we had last year (see here and here)?? And, although we didn’t know it at the time, we watched Dario Franchitti race for the last time. Sad for him, but lucky for us.

Expect lots of photos and giddy delirium straight from the start/finish line this weekend. (Yes, we have good tickets.)

And what else is on tap for you, race fans? Well, there’s always lots of news and views to catch up on, so I’m sure I will have plenty on which to pontificate in the next few weeks. Expect a complete dissection of the internal General Motors report on ignition switch-gate. And some follow-up posts from the last Cars and Coffee I went to. And, oh my, isn’t this fabulous? Want.

Back soon!